December 5, 2018

Six Ideas To Make The Best Decisions As A Leader

1. Check your assets, liabilities, opportunities and problems both outside and inside of yourself. That is to say a SWOT analysis can be very helpful. This can clarify where you are.mastermind-huddle2

2. Define what is most important to you and any stakeholders in your organization or group. This could be at least two different things and that may be a good starting point for evaluating where you are.

3. Spin up your posse. Go to others inside and outside of your group that you can trust. Lean on them for wise counsel. ‘Without counsel plans fail, but with many advisers they succeed.” -Prov. 15: 22

4. Assess yourself as you really are. Don’t Under Assess yourself as well as don’t Over Assess yourself. Stay with hope but watch expectations. Hope says I will be alright no matter how it turns out while expectations say my happiness, my emotions and my life depended upon the results. Feedback from others can help.

5. Ask, “How can I serve the stakeholders here best?”. This will eliminate a lot of non-urgent/non-important activities and focus you don’t need. Sorting out your actual responsibilities and boundaries will help a lot

6. Let it brew. Try writing about it with your non dominant hand. See if anything new comes up. Go participate in a fun activity. Sleep on it. Come back to it in 24 hours and see what you think.

Decisions are like rudders on boats. They are small sometimes but extremely important. Apply these ideas and tell somebody about them and how are you using them. Remember, asking for help is not a sign of foolishness.