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January 9, 2014

Leadership In The Name of Love

Last time we talked about the “I Am” of God, God’s essence as the source of all things and how our simply being ourselves can aid us in understanding leadership. If we break away into the New Testament we’ll see in 1 John that “God is Love”. This is where God starts in his essence. Everything else flows from this. God creates, God creates life, God creates life and then loves it. All this is done from the very heart of God.

Now go back to the leader/entrepreneur who starts a business because he loves what he’s doing, he sees people to serve and partners and people he can bring along in the business. Many small businesses and start-ups begin this way. Sometimes along the way that original love gets lost. The leader or leaders get burned out. They got so excited they forgot to take care of themselves, got too task oriented and or failed to set boundaries and get the support they needed to put so much energy into a project.

Unfortunately we, as humans, need input, fuel, new ideas, connection and correction to be able to give out love. “We love, because God first loved us” says John in 1 John. To start this process rolling and continuing, we must be vulnerable with God and people who will give us grace AND hold us accountable to being responsible to others and for ourselves.

So back to love: We’ve been loved, then from that love we loved and started and or took on a business with clients and customers, staff and stakeholders, creativity and dreams. Maybe we got burned out, stopped receiving love and then, hopefully, we’ve let love in again and now we can love and lead with new vigor from our hearts.

The key to leadership and love after we’ve been loved is service. If we can see need, listen, ask questions, then serve we have true influence. That’s when we truly start to lead. We’ve built trust in love and can really move forward with our team into bigger and greater things. God loves and serves us and then says this: “Call upon me and I will show you great and glorious things that you do not know” – Jeremiah 33:3., Receive love, find your first love, share your love and then call your team to “great and glorious things”