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December 2, 2014

The Gift of Grace in Leadership.

We talk a lot, during the advent season, of the idea of gifts and grace; that whole concept of unmerited favor. But where does the gift of grace fit into the performance-based world of leadership? Jesus calls us to perform a lot in the Gospels. He also gives us a lot of grace. Here, from some of Christ’s examples, we review some of the ways grace can inform your leadership. In leadership it’s important:

  1. That you come down to be with your people. Walk among them and align with them. Jesus listened to people and observed them because he was in the culture. He did not start his ministry until he was in his 30’s. He knew the people around him in a deep and connected way.
  2. That you give grace for those who are learning and seeking. Jesus was patient because He knew that we don’t always manifest growth right away. Sometimes people are learning, but not demonstrating the new behavior. Grace covers this and gives people time to make real change. Where do your people need a chance to learn?
  3. That you serve your staff and other stake holders. Christ looked for ways to serve people around their particular needs not just for ways that would make Him look good. What does your staff need from you to do their job?
  4. That you sacrifice for them. Jesus gave up everything so we could have all. Does your staff see you make real sacrifices for them? What is the purpose of your sacrifice at work? Does your staff know that purpose?

Grace is a powerful learning and team building mechanism. Most all of us have received it as a part of growing up. We know what it feels like and we know how much it helps. How will we share grace as a leader in the workplace?