Stop Doing Time Management!

1.      Time Management does not work.  Time cannot be managed, changed, moved, or even sped up.  All this according to Newtonian Physics, which is what we are stuck here on Earth with.

2.      Event Management. This you can manage with boundaries, delegation, planning, and assessment of your situation. You can influence others rather than controlling them and you can put boundaries on yourself.  Influencing others begins with asking questions and assessing that they may need. Sincere service follows and that is the start of servant leadership. As for setting boundaries on yourself, it might be resisting that doughnut on the breakfast table but it could also mean not putting up with the criticism of that contentious coworker  by walking out of the room when they get in a twist about something minor. This brings me to my next thought.

3.      You Management. Even better than Event Management, You Management is where you utilize strategic planning, set limits, major in the majors, and ask for help with things you cannot do by yourself. One of the biggest parts of this is wisdom where you learn and apply what is most important in any situation and life in general. This can be done by asking yourself, “What is most important now?” and or, “What is most important here in the medium or long term?” You can also, at an even deeper level, learn pertinent life skills.  These can include, learning to discipline yourself, learning organizational skills, and taking on better habits, which can take about a month of consistent effort to develop. But even deeper than your own behavioral management there is another way to get the best long term results.

4.      Character Management (Character Development). If you can develop yourself, get out of your stuckness (ie. Heal the past), take on those good habits, and be accountable to others, you will see life changing effects.  You’ll better manage yourself, as well as events in your life and in turn find you’ll feel like you have more time. Also you can take on some challenges that stretch you. Ideally, whether you’re a parent or manager, this is what you’re doing with your staff or children. You’re not teaching them to manipulate time, to manage events, or even to manage themselves, although learning good behavior is important. What you’re really doing with your kids or staff is developing them and ultimately teaching self- development, where they can begin to grow on their own.

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