LeaderShip, MangerBoat: When assessment and evaluation can be interventions in themselves.

Not long ago one of my staff came to me with an interesting problem.  It seems that her friend was getting sidelined as a manager for the organization she worked for by a group of employees that worked for her.  This group of women working in this organization had created an alliance with the manager’s wife.  They used this alliance to a curry favor with the manager and get things to work they wanted to, mostly it seemed, to fix their own anxiety.  This woman manager felt very overwhelmed.

Trying to be a good executive coach, I started off with good assessment.  I questioned my staff member fairly closely and did a good evaluation.  As part of the assessment, I gave this staff member some forms for people in the organization to fill out.  These forms were designed to assess relationships, how people thought and felt about each other and their relationship quality.

As I suspected, the mere act of evaluating and assessing those relationships broke up this little conspiracy like a tomboy at a tea party.  Once they saw that the assessment would shine light on the issues, the issues suddenly became unimportant.  The women withdrew their complaint, gave up their need for control and gave back to this lady manager the respect she deserved. My staff continued to coach and help her assess the deeper needs in the organization and set good boundaries.

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