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February 7, 2018


Gaining Control of Your Work Life by Developing Effective Boundary Skills


The workplace can represent some unique challenges to us as we try to incorporate the essential principles of growth and character development into our personal and professional lives.


Boundaries is one of those essential elements.  Without them, our work can suffer (along with other important relationships).   On the other hand, effective use of boundaries while at work and at home leads to greater satisfaction and success.

This seminar addresses issues vital to making boundaries work for you.

You’ll learn:

  • How to set and maintain boundaries in your workplace.

  • How setting boundaries and keeping them can actually enhance your working relationships and advance your career or organization.

  • How boundaries can impact and improve teamwork and reduce conflict in the workplace.

  • How to achieve balance in your work and home life.


  • Boundaries, dating and romance in the workplace.

  • How boundaries enhance work relationships and advance careers and organizations.

  • How boundaries impact and improve teamwork and reduce conflict.

  • Nine keys to understanding boundaries at work.

  • How to know when to quit

  • Figuring out what’s your stuff and what’s your Co-workers’s junk.

  • Learning Two Simple Little Words That Can Turn Your Boundary Issues Around On The Job.

  • What to do if your being micro-managed


When:             Monday, March 5 at 6:30

Where:            The New Life Group 140 Gregory Lane, Suite 250, Pleasant Hill

Who:                Facilitated by Kit Hill, Ed.D., LMFT
925 351 7240

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