Co-Addiction-Dependency Test

  1.  _____  I can’t stand to be alone.
  2. ­­­­ _____  I am a perfectionist.
  3.  _____  I am driven by the approval of others.
  4.  _____  I feel desperate when I cannot gain the approval of other people.
  5.  _____  I find myself making decisions based on how they will affect other people

and rarely consider myself.

  1.  _____  Many times I feel obsessed by a need for total order in my life.
  2.  _____  I put my work first, above everything.
  3.  _____  I find myself adjusting to my spouse’s needs rather than communicating

my feelings.

  1.  _____  I do not experience anger.
  2.  _____  I overeat often.
  3.  _____  I am constantly wondering what other people think of me.
  4.  _____  I cover up my feelings so others won’t realize what I really think.
  5. ­ _____  I am really afraid that if others really knew me they would run and hide.
  6.  _____  I am constantly trying to figure how to stay ahead in my relationships.
  7.  _____  I cover up my feelings of self-doubt with drug or alcohol use.
  8.  _____  I can’t say no when I am asked to do a favor or serve on a committee.
  9.  _____  When I begin to feel sad or angry I go shopping, work harder, or eat.
  10.  _____  I tell myself it shouldn’t hurt so much when others let me down.
  11.  _____  I need to control those close to me.
  12.  _____  I need everyone to be happy with me so that I can feel good about myself.
  13.  _____  I need others to be strong for me without requiring anything from me in



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