Dissertation & Thesis Seminars ~ Free For Your School

Be a Graduate Guinea Pig & Tackle Your Graduate Paper with Gusto

Come and be apart of our FREE  BETA Version.  We promise: NOBODY has been harmed….yet!! We are beta testing this new seminar before we foist it on other unsuspecting grad programs at various San Francisco Bay Area universities.

  • Cut your stress and actually enjoy doing your paper
  • Learn how to be creative but also narrow your focus
  • Learn what outlining can really do for you and your paper
  • Getting unstuck and staying unstuck.
  • Find out how self-care speeds up your dissertation
  • Sure fire ways to make progress and stay motivated

We come to your graduate program

Free-No Obligation

Contact us for more information @ kithilleddlmft@live.com

Dissertation&Thesis Paper Seminarflyer- Free Beta Test Version


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