Dissertation,Thesis & Research Consultation & Editing

Our Services: Academic Consulting and Editing for:

– Dissertation, Thesis, & Research Papers
– Professional Reports & Proposals (RFPs)
– Qualitative & Quantitative Studies
– Literature Reviews
– Statistics Help for Quantitative Studies
– Interviewing and Coding for Qualitative Studies using coding software
– Coaching for Proposal and Final paper in APA, MLA and other formats
– Interactive, Personal, and Systematic Editing process designed to produce excellence
– Dissertation/Thesis Defense, Competency Exams, and Licensing Tests
– English as a Second Language (ESL)
– Organizational Surveys and Analysis                                                                [Dissertation Strategies and Tips]

Our Staff

Kit Hill, Ed.D., LMFT, Director of The New Life Group. With a masters thesis project, an in-depth, comprehensive research dissertation and specialized training in interviewing and assessment, Dr. Hill has a reputation for patient and careful coaching with students on academic projects. While still in his graduate program, Dr. Hill was helping and consulting for other students. Raised in a family of educators, he enjoys seeing students succeed.

Caroline M. L. McMillan*, Staff Consultant.  The Chief Editor and Writing Coach for our Academic Consultation & Editing Team, Ms. McMillan holds a bachelor’s degree (summa cum laude) in English Writing and Rhetoric and Creative Writing from Pepperdine University in Malibu, California. Although a senior in a bachelor’s program, Ms. McMillan wrote a complicated senior thesis paper in record time. An excellent editor and writer, she has more than 12 years editing and coaching experience at the bachelors, masters, and doctorate level. She is also qualified to interview study participants and and do text analysis for qualitative dissertations and theses.  Ms. McMillan can be contacted at cmlmcmillan@gmail.com

Our Recommendations:


Caroline McMillan is one of the best editors around. She edited my dissertation, which was over one-hundred pages and over one-hundred references, in a little less than three weeks. I needed a fast and perfect turn-around, and that is what she gave me.

Caroline was always conscientious about returning calls and e-mails, and in my case she was asked to confer with my committee chair. She did this willingly and superbly, with her winning personality and polished interpersonal skills. My committee chair was highly impressed.

Her work was impeccable, and as I had a particularly demanding committee chair, it was imperative that I have an editor of Caroline’s caliber. She will give you all of the attention needed to produce a polished dissertation. To this day when others study my dissertation, they praise it highly. They also, invariably ask, where did you get such a quality editor?


E. Hammon, Ed.D.



“To anyone seeking the assistance of an editor, you have come to the right place. As a recent graduate from an accredited APA doctoral program, I have Caroline to thank for her assistance in the dissertation process.

I had previously submitted my dissertation to another editor and it was rejected three times due to changes in the APA format and specific instructions in my university’s manual.

Caroline went to the extent of submitting a letter on my behalf to my university sharing her expertise of the inconsistencies between APA format and the university requirements. My next submission was excepted and I am now Dr. Danii thanks to Caroline”

D. Hibbitts, Ph.D.



Our Contracting & Price Information



ACE-Editing Estimation~Hours-Pages-Price

ACE-Editing Estimation~Hours-Pages-Price


Academic Consultation & Editing Team (ACETeam)

The New Life Group

140 Gregory Lane, Suite 250

Pleasant Hill, Ca 94523

925 798 4551 Cell 925 351 7240   kithilleddlmft@live.com

Psychotherapy & Consultation to Organizations & Academia





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