Summary of Services

 Assessment & Development of Individuals

I. Develop Individuals

  • Identify and develop high-potentials (ASSESS: expert selection system)
  • Develop and coach managers, executives, and technical professionals (five computerized 360 tools)
  • Transform managers into leaders and technical professionals into managers or into consultants
  • Build partnership between and among team builders

II. Conduct Goodness-of-Fit Projects

  • Assess pre-employment candidates (hire by design)
  • Evaluate pre-promotion candidates
  • Conduct succession planning: (assessment and development of candidates)
  • Evaluate individuals for in-placement
  • Career path development


III. Troubleshoot

  • Turnaround derailing individuals
  • Prevent unwanted exits
  • Conduct creative out-placement projects (a preferred option to termination)
  • Resolve interpersonal conflicts


Assessment & Development of Organizations

I. Conduct Organizational Study

  • Audit the organization, assess the culture and its resources
  • Inventory managerial and individual contributor bench strength: 36 critical competencies and 12 styles (ACUMEN, PRAXIS, WorkStyles, PRAXIS-IC, & Sales ACUMEN)
  • Organizational Culture Inventory & Organizational Diagnostic System


II. Achieve The Organization’s Strategic Objectives

  • Conduct visioning and planning processes
  • Manage change
  • Deploy GoalTrak, an enterprise-wide objectives alignment software system
  • Accelerate the transformation of work groups into high-performance teams
  • Redesign training and development

III. Develop Human Resources Tools

  • Design performance management (software enhanced) and processes
  • Design training and development instruments (software enhanced) and programs
  • Build customized test batteries for hiring to precise job specifications

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