Maslow On Work ~ The Needs Hierarchy and Leadership

Leaders and staff will do their best work when all needs are met.  Certain needs can and must be met by the leadership and the organization while other needs the staff member must take care of themselves.   Of course,  some of those needs will be met outside of the organization.

Self-Actualization Needs  (Highest Order)

  1. Achieving one’s potential
  2. Sense of accomplishment
  3. Satisfaction of curiosity
  4. Realization of creativity

Esteem Needs

  1. Recognition
  2. Prestige
  3. Confidence stemming from leadership

Social Needs

  1. Acceptance
  2. Feelings of belonging
  3. Love/ affection

Safety Needs

  1. Security
  2. Physical comfort
  3. Economic well-being

Physiological Needs  (Lowest Order)

  1. Food
  2. Water
  3. Air
  4. Rest
  5. Bodily requirements

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