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July 10, 2012

Exploring The Site

I not only wanted to write a blog on leadership and management to engage my brain and the brains of others,  I also wanted to share practical downloads  so that leaders, workers, parents, managers, followers and team members could have resources at their fingertips to assess and develop their leadership and organizations.

Above you will find several pages and drop down menus that reveal helpful tools that speak to areas you may want to improve and to solutions you may want to apply at work or home.  This menu will continue to develop and expand as ideas and feedback come to me.  Please feel free to browse and enjoy.

Resources & Handouts For Leaders ~ This menu has both assessment tools, ideas and exercises designed to work with your staff and peers.  Some are very conceptual while others are very practical.

Executive Coaching White Papers ~ These papers are designed to help people evaluate six common issues that executive coaching can help with.  Leader Derailment, Hiring Great Leaders, Succession Planning, Tech-To-Manager Transitions, and Developing Leaders are all covered.

Counseling – General Resources & Handouts ~ For the person looking for help with counseling issues that come up in therapy.

The John Maxwell TEAM ~ Lists the Six Learning Systems that will empower your leadership.  Based on the best selling books by John C. Maxwell, these learning systems can be delivered in several different ways, customized to your organization’s specific needs.

Work Life Problems & Work Life Solutions ~ Speaking to both problems and solutions, these pages address real world issues that come up in the work and home environment.  Family Business Problems, Assertive Communication, Listening Deeply, Relocation Blues, and Learning Empathy are just some of the areas covered here.

John Maxwell Flyers ~ Downloadable flyers about our MasterMind Groups. Feel free to fax in a flyer if you and your team are interested in joining or creating a facilitated leadership group.  Currently there is a general leadership  group that meets on Tuesday at Noon. We are currently studying the “21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership” There is also a leadership group for pastors that meets on Thursdays at 11:00 AM.  This group is starting on “Put Your Dreams To The Test”  Currently all groups on campus are free with materials provided and with no obligation.

Tests & Assessment Tools ~ I am currently building out this page.  At the moment, the page titled, “Resources & Handouts For Leaders” has tests and assessments that can be very helpful.

I’m excited about providing you with relevant and excellent tools that will help increase your leadership and growth at work, in the home and in your life.  Please feel free to ask for handouts, tools, tests, or assessments that you don’t see here.

Dissertation, Thesis, Research Consulting and Editing ~ A new service I offer with the help of my very capable chief administrator, Caroline M. L. McMillan.  We have been helping students and professionals of all kinds create the best projects and write the best papers they can imagine.  This fits right in with our desire to make an impact on the world while enjoying the intellectual stimulation that academic consulting provides.