Workplace Skills

Increasing Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace
– Through this workshop, participants learn to:
• Recognize how their emotions affect their work behavior and performance.
• Asses their own emotional strengths and limitations.
• Asses work experience and identify areas where they wish to do things differently.
• Respond to challenging work situations with appropriate empathy and listening skills.
• Negotiate and resolve disagreements.

How to Give Constructive Performance Feedback
– Managing people requires knowing how to give employees constructive, specific feedback about their job performance. Unfortunately, many employees never know whether they are doing their jobs properly because feedback is communicated ineffectively. In this workshop, participants will learn five basic steps of giving an employee specific performance feedback.

Balancing Work and Family Life
– In the aftermath of the downsized 1990s, most people report heavier workloads and increased expectations at work. It is becoming more and more difficult for many people to meet the obligations of both work and home. Through a series of exercises and group discussions, participants evaluate their own work/family situations, learning skills to simplify life and regain balance.

How to Recover from a Career Crash
– This presentation focuses on what a career crash is, its common causes, and why a career crash is so devastating. You will help participants understand who is hurt the most by a career crash and how people recover. Other topics include how to help a career crash survivor and how to turn a crash into a victory.

Does Your Company Need Family Therapy?
– In this workshop, participants learn how companies are like families. Topics include how family dynamics are brought into the workplace, signs of dysfunction, strategies for resolving problems, and what to do if the boss is the “problem patient.” The workshop is a combination of lecture and group discussion.

Take Charge of Your Life: Plan Your Best Year Yet!
– In this workshop, participants explore the art and science of setting goals that motivate and inspire; they learn how achievements are produced and how to achieve more, ways to work more effectively and productively, how to make better use of time, and how to remove the obstacles to achieving outstanding results in life. The workshop is a combination of lecture, written exercise, and group discussion.

Manage Your Stress
– Through written exercises and group discussion, participants learn what stress is, how to measure it, what causes stress in the workplace, reasons that stress is harmful, how stress is worse today, what stresses are unique to women, how to protect yourself against stress, and how to develop a personal stress management plan.

How to Create a Positive Work Environment
– In this workshop, participants learn specific ways to make the workplace more positive by motivating and reinforcing their coworkers. Skills are developed through lecture, group discussion, practice exercises, and analysis of popular movies.

Managing Conflict at Work
– Every workplace has conflicts. In some organizations, conflict is a serious problem, while in others, differences are resolved without incident. This workshop explores how people often resolve conflict at work, its effect on relationships and teams, and how we learn to manage differences as we do. Participants also learn skills for resolving and preventing conflict in the workplace.

The Art of Effective Communication
– In this workshop, participants will learn skills that will enable them to communicate with tact and diplomacy. Through written exercises and group discussion, participants learn how to overcome barriers to communication; how to convey empathy and acceptance; how to listen, communicate assertively, give and receive constructive feedback, resolve conflicts, and manage anger constructively.


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