The John Maxwell TEAM



The Six Core Learning Systems + Three


  1. Leadership Gold
  2. Put Your Dreams to the Test
  3. Becoming a Person of Influence
  4. Everyone Communicates Few Connect
  5. How to Be a REAL Success
  6. The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth
  7. The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership FREE MasterMind Group
  8. Sometime You Win, Sometimes You Learn
  9. Intentional Living



1)      MasterMind Leadership Groups: Free or Low Cost Six to Ten Week Process and Discussion Groups Based on the content of the Six Learning Systems.   These groups can be customized and set up for a specific organization, association, or group of leaders.

2)      Lunch N’ Learn: Set up as a mid day seminar based on the content of the Six Learning Systems  + for a specific organization or sub-group that acts as a showcase for introducing leaders and others to leadership concepts and leadership development.

3)      Partnership Events. These are designed to create a mutually beneficial situation where the John Maxwell Team coach provides a half day seminar for a fee that an organization can use to attract and invite clients or customers in to introduce or emphasize products or services.


Customized Consulting:

I)      Executive Coaching For

  1. Derailing Leaders: Do you  have a “Wrong Fit”, a “Burned Out Boss”, a “Personality Problem”, a “Work-Aholic”,  a “Major-In-The-Minors” Manager,  a “Hates Conflict” or an “Abrasive Abe”?
  2. Tech-Head-To-Leader who is high on knowledge of the business but low on knowledge of the people and how they work.
  3. Selection: Finding the next leaders and grooming them for leadership at the top tiers. Evaluations and interviews that get proven results create a highly desirable natural fit.

II)      Organization Development For

  1. Teams that need building and direction
  2. Family-Owned Businesses that are in transition
  3. Growing interests that are having trouble keeping up with their own change.
  4. Any organization that needs a good evaluation and OD audit to help them get their bearings



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