The John Maxwell TEAM



The Six Core Learning Systems + Two


  1. Leadership Gold
  2. Put Your Dreams to the Test
  3. Becoming a Person of Influence
  4. Everyone Communicates Few Connect
  5. How to Be a REAL Success
  6. The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth
  7. The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership
  8. Sometime You Win, Sometimes You Learn



1)      MasterMind Leadership Groups: Free or Low Cost Six to Ten Week Process and Discussion Groups Based on the content of the Six Learning Systems.   These groups can be customized and set up for a specific organization, association, or group of leaders.

2)      Lunch N’ Learn: Set up as a mid day seminar based on the content of the Six Learning Systems for a specific organization or sub-group that acts as a showcase for introducing leaders and others to leadership concepts and leadership development.

3)      Partnership Events. These are designed to create a mutually beneficial situation where the John Maxwell Team coach provides a half day seminar for a fee that an organization can use to attract and invite clients or customers in to introduce or emphasize products or services.


Customized Consulting:

I)      Executive Coaching For

  1. Derailing Leaders: Do you  have a “Wrong Fit”, a “Burned Out Boss”, a “Personality Problem”, a “Work-Aholic”,  a “Major-In-The-Minors” Manager,  a “Hates Conflict” or an “Abrasive Abe”?
  2. Tech-Head-To-Leader who is high on knowledge of the business but low on knowledge of the people and how they work.
  3. Selection: Finding the next leaders and grooming them for leadership at the top tiers. Evaluations and interviews that get proven results create a highly desirable natural fit.

II)      Organization Development For

  1. Teams that need building and direction
  2. Family-Owned Businesses that are in transition
  3. Growing interests that are having trouble keeping up with their own change.
  4. Any organization that needs a good evaluation and OD audit to help them get their bearings.

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