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March 6, 2019

Whacking The Wimp Factor: Seven Ways To Be More Assertive As A Leader

  1. Being more assertive in other places besides work. Experimenting with being more assertive in less stressful environments can be very helpful

    aggro or what

    Who will you be?

  2. Tell someone about a specific area where you would like to have more assertiveness. Ask for prayer and also that the person check back with you at an established time
  3. Find a model. There are plenty of examples in literature, Scripture, and case studies where you can find examples of assertiveness. The boy Jesus, when he stayed behind at the temple at 12 years old, talking to his parents about what he saw as most important is one of many great examples.
  4. Understand the difference between harming someone and hurting someone. A confrontation may sting at first where as blaming and shaming may be closer to harm.
  5. Be responsible TO people not FOR people. You are not responsible for a coworker’s feelings, life or happiness AND you are responsible to them to be kind and honest.
  6. Set boundaries with inappropriate behavior, time, and commitments. Listen for expectations and entitlement and especially the feelings behind them. Also understand the difference between need and want in yourself and others.
  7. Actively listen to the feelings behind blame and shame that comes at you. Realize that this might be from loneliness, a lack of success or powerlessness. It can also come from anxiety or hurt.

Having trouble with the Wimp Factor? Contact a friend, a coach or a pastor that can give you a stable platform of bonding and accountability from which to assert yourself.

Feel free to tell me about any defeats or victories you had in this area below in the comment section